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It all began with my father, Kenneth Werrell..

Deep thanks and gratitude to Dad who, having been a student of B.K.S Iyengar in the ’70s and subsequently a teacher of the method, introduced me to Yoga when I was a teenager. My first career as a midwife taught me about anatomy, physiology and psychology. As Yoga is a science as well as an art this was a good basis for the future.. Even more importantly working as a midwife showed me how mind and body can powerfully work together, particularly for women in labour.

Then, increasing back problems brought me back to Iyengar yoga when I was living in Spain. To my delight over time, attending regular yoga classes and with home practice, these back problems gradually resolved. I was a “convert” and wanted to train to be a teacher to help others as I had been helped. After the required 3 years supervised practice with an approved Iyengar Teacher, I was accepted on the 2 year teacher training course, qualifying in 2007 and have been teaching ever since in both England and France. (Information on high standards of Iyengar Training and the Certification Mark.)

I returned to the UK in 2010, and in 2011 was privileged to be able to visit the Iyengar Institute in India to deepen my practice and meet Mr. Iyengar, Guruji, the man who dedicated his life, body and soul to yoga and to whom we owe so much.

So my yoga journey continues. Yoga not only keeps me healthy but sustains and nourishes me through the ups and downs of life. My mission is to help and inspire others to feel as I do and enjoy the many benefits that yoga brings.

Come and join us – find out what yoga can do for you!

To sign up for classes or for more information contact:

Sarah Werrell
Iyengar Yoga teacher
Member of Iyengar Yoga Association IYA (UK)

Phone:  07961 616 003

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